Privacy Policies



Our commitment to privacy

Your privacy is very important for us. We provide this information to better explain our online information practices.

  • What information do we collect?
  • How do we use your information?
  • With whom is the information shared with?
  • Our commitment to your privacy?
  • Your rights are protected under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • How to get in touch with us?
  • What information we collect

The information we collect is generally the information you share with us to create an online account or to process your order. This may include your name, email address and phone number.

Other identifying information that you can provide us includes photos and images that you upload to artgiftlove when creating designs.

How do we use your information?

The information you provide about yourself when placing an order is used only to complete that order. We do not share this information with external parties, except to the extent necessary to complete that order. Any images, photos, logos, quotes or other uploaded material are used only to produce or process your order.

Communication: We use the return email addresses to answer the email we receive, and the phone numbers provided to reconcile the questions related to your order.

Marketing and promotions: We may use your information to provide Artgiftlove promotions, discounts and other updates via email.

With whom is your information shared?

We require that our service providers keep your personal information private and secure. We do not allow our service providers to use or share your personal information for any purpose other than to provide services on our behalf.

Legal requirements and protection of the rights of third parties: we may share your personal information if required by special situations in which the Law requires it. We believe that sharing will help protect the safety, property or rights of others. This may include the identification and treatment of fraud, the application of trademark and copyright laws, or the response to an investigative body in the event of a violation of an agreement.

Cookies and other technologies used

Artgiftlove uses cookies to store your preferences and settings, store information about your session on our website and to allow you to remain registered in your account. Because of this, you must configure your browser to accept cookies if you have not already done so.

We do not store any personal or secure information in the cookie. The controls in your Internet browser can be used to limit the way in which the websites you visit are able to use cookies and you can withdraw consent by deleting or blocking cookies.

Our commitment to your privacy?

We are committed to protecting the information we collect and have implemented appropriate security procedures to help protect the personal information you provide to us.

Examples of security measures we use to protect your personal information are:

Passwords: A password is required to access your Artgiftlove online account to protect your account information. Please keep this password confidential.

Encryption Technology: Artgiftlove uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to protect personal information when it is transmitted between the system and ours through the Internet. The presence of SSL encryption can be indicated by https in the browser URL or the image of a closed padlock or a solid key in the browser window. These indications may not be present in mobile services that use SSL.


Tokenization: Credit card numbers never pass or are stored on Artgiftlove servers. For payment card information we use secure networks and tokenization to protect

Your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

If you are visiting our website from the USA or an EU country you have the following rights under the GDPR. Some of these rights are complex and not all the details have been included in this information.