Know These Things Before Printing Customized T-shirts

Customizing a T-shirt is a fun plus a perfect way to bring your imagination and creative skills alive on a Piece of cloth. Even though it’s fun, it can also be very challenging to design a T-shirt particularly for newbies since a lot of mistakes might happen during the final result. Check out such mistakes below which every custom T-shirt printing company must avoid –


Cheap Fabrics

Quality is one thing that matters to every business, no matter what the business is all about. People know the difference between a quality and a cheap T-shirt. Also, the market is full of competition selling low-cost, high-quality materials that leaves you with no option but to provide optimum quality at minimal cost.


This is particularly important if you are running a business and have bought customised T-shirts for your staff or promotional materials. These t-shirts will reflect the brand when worn in the real world, and if they’re not good-quality products, it can be really embarrassing!



A t-shirt and the audience would have only limited access to information. If you try to use so many graphics, text loads and a few colours in your theme, your custom t-shirt will be a perfect example of something gone bad!


Just use the appropriate specifics in the design; keep the graphics simple and choose the colours carefully. The goal should be to quickly get the message out, without having people break their heads on what they have just learned.


Bad Quality Images

This is one of the most important issues with our customer-submitted art files. All too often, pictures are low quality. In other words, they don’t have enough knowledge about pixels to give the accuracy and specifics that make for good quality print.


Outdated Styles

If you want to make the custom t-shirts a success with the target crowd then cater them with the perfect theme. Nobody needs to rock old-fashioned styles. Make sure you adhere to the theme. Not just the sort of t-shirt in vogue, but also the fonts, the style and the colours. This will allow you to come up with a custom t-shirt which will have the requisite effect.


Customized T-shirts are a great way of representing a brand or a statement if purchased from a reputed company like Artgiftlove that does custom T-shirt printing in Miami.


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